The Pigeon Man provides services in a very specialised field of pest control with the Use of Firearms fitted with Government authorised silencers making the process as discreet as possible with maximum success rate.

Pest Species:

  • Pigeons
  • Myna Birds
  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
  • Crows & Ravens
  • Foxes
  • Wild Rabbits 
  • Feral Cats


Birds can be a problem when they find their way into a building looking for food or simply looking to roost and be sheltered. This can cause an undesirable effect visually and in terms of health.

Major bird control issues:

  1. Risk of infection
  2. Damage to property
  3. Additional insect pests can lead to bites and textiles damage
  4. Bird droppings also increase the risk of people slipping and falling.

There are several signs of a bird infestation:

  1. Bird droppings
  2. Nests
  3. High levels of insect infestation
  4. Associated insect pests such as fleas and flies
  5. Bad smells

Our approach to bird control is systematic. Firstly we survey the extent of the problem. This will then guide us to the most effective method of action.

The Pigeon Man in particular specialises in Pigeons, tried and tested bird control techniques including trapping and shooting, building proofing which is followed by humane destruction.

Being a fully Licensed pest control company we can also provide advice and pest management plan once irradiation of pest problem has been conducted.

Latest Equipment:

Remote Cameras with Night Vision to capture activity and monitoring


Night Vision Scopes, Latest Technology with recording functions