About Pigeons

Pigeons are a huge pest not only throughout Australia. They are classified as a pest and pose a serious health threat that many are unaware of. Pigeons carry many bacteria and diseases that regularly transmit to human and animal

Pigeons will roost and nest in their own faeces, and bacteria under the faeces will grow and spread. Often times the pigeons will look for a suitable nesting site that provides shelter and warmth and these nesting sites will range from roof tops, eaves, roof gutters, under bridges, roof voids, boat marinas & storage areas, factories and many other structures that are in use by humans which increases the risk of bird or pigeon disease transmission.

There are many different options that are available for bird control and pigeon pest control.

Recommend Pigeon Shooting: This is the most cost effective pigeon removal option but does have its limitations. However we are a licensed business to use silencers so it is very discreet to neighbours and extremely effective to irradiation in one visit. Generally Pigeon shooting is best suited for enclosed areas such as factories, car parks, sheds etc. Pigeon shooting will quickly eradicate pigeon activity, but generally shooting is carried out in an open area the surrounding pigeons can fly away and return at a later time limiting the number of pigeons removed during a paid service. With our service using silencers we will provide a 3o day guarantee with unlimited return calls during that period.

Pigeon Baiting: Pigeon baiting is very effective as a large number of pigeons can be eradicated at one time. Prior to baiting a pre-feed period is carried out to increase the success of the pigeon baiting program. Pigeon baiting is not suitable for all sites as the poisoned used is a toxic poison and extreme caution and experience is required to reduce any possibility of non-target animal species being affected by poisons. Management are well trained and experienced in provide professional baiting programs for many situations including shopping centres, horse stables & fuel sites and have many techniques available to stop the misuse of this product.

Pigeon Trapping: Pigeon trapping is the safest method for pigeon removal as no poisons are used and pigeon trapping can be implemented at almost any site. Pigeon trapping is a program that is implemented over a period of weeks that will successfully trap the pigeons roosting/nesting at the site and all pigeons are removed & humanely euthanized.

Pigeon deterrents: Pigeon deterrents are effective if used for the correct site and infestation. Deterrents are installed to prevent the pigeons accessing that specific location only. By blocking the pigeons in this specific location will normally result in the pigeons relocating to another unprotected area of the same site and therefore further deterrents must be installed or alternatively another pigeon control method must be undertaken.

Pigeon Proofing of Solar panels: Feral Animal Management have necessary permits that allow us to comply with height regulations and standards in order to  to provide a professional and safe access to your roof top with harnesses where we use specialised equipment that allows your solar panels to be sealed adequately to prevent bird access while not voiding your solar panel warranty.